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Laboratory of Soil Environmental Science
Update time: 2011-06-03
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Laboratory of Soil Environmental Science (Sino-Australian Joint Laboratory of Environmental Soil Science) was established in 2002, through a close collaboration between Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science (RCEES) and University of Adelaide (Australia). With the unique eco-environments and rich soil resources and biodiversity in China, the Laboratory is set to develop into an open and internationally recognized research cluster in environmental soil science. Our major research fields include: soil-plant interactions (rhizosphere processes), soil microbial ecology and soil biogeochemistry, with research topics covering the relationships between soil environmental quality and ecosystem health in China, soil sustainable management, food safety, risk assessment and soil remediation. The Laboratory consists of three research groups with 13 academic staff including four full professors. Currently, the Laboratory has 34 postgraduate students and visiting researchers. 

Laboratory Head: Prof. Ji-Zheng (Jim) HE 

Research Group 

Soil Molecular Ecology Group 

Prof. Ji-Zheng (Jim) HE (PI):           

Structure, diversity and distribution of soil microbial communities; Theory and methodology of microbial ecology; Biogeochemical cycles of C, N, S, Mn in soil ecosystems; Molecular diagnosis of polluted soils and risk assessment. 

Prof. Li-Mei ZHANG: 

Soil microorganisms and nitrogen cycling. 

DrJu-Pei SHEN, Assoc. Prof.: 

Antibiotic resistance genes of soil microorganisms. 

Dr Yu-Rong LIU, Assoc. Prof.: 

Stress-response of soil microorganisms to pollution. 

Dr Li-Li HAN, Asst. Prof.: 

Soil viral ecology. 

Dr Jun-Tao WANG, Asst. Prof.: 

Soil microbial biogeography. 

Postdoctoral researcher: DrsPei-Pei LI, Ai LI, Moniruzzaman Khan, Rashid Nazi 

Ph.D student:       Ren BAI, Jun ZENG, Qing WANG, Yi-Fei SUN,Cui-Jing ZHANG, Dan-Ting YU, Shuai DU 

Master student: Fan WU, Dan-Dan ZHANG, Chao XIONG,Ya-Qi WANG, Feng LIU, Peng-Xia XU,Liu-Ying MO, Zong-Ming LI 

Soil Environmental Biology Group 

Prof. Yong-Guan Zhu(PI): 

Environmental contamination and remediation; Plant ecology and nutrition; Restoration Ecology. 

DrGuo-Xin SUN, Assoc. Prof.: 

Biogeochemical cycling of trace elements and heavy metals in soil-plant system. 

DrGui-Lan DUAN, Assoc. Prof.: 

Migration and transformation mechanism of soil heavy metals and pollution control technology. 

Dr Min QIAO, Assoc. Prof.: 

Environmental behavior, ecotoxicological effects and ecological risk assessment of organic pollutants. 

Dr Ying HU, Asst. Prof.: 

Pollution ecology 

Dr Long-Jun DING,Asst. Prof.: 

Soil microbial molecular ecology; Biogeochemical cycles of nutrients. 

Ph.D student: Xue ZHOU, Hai-Yan YUAN, Xiao-Ming LI,Song-Can CHEN, Xiao-Min LI 

Master student: Xin-Nan WANG, Qian-Qian ZHANG,Yu-Ping YANG, Peng CHEN, Bo-Xun WANG,Hong-Yan WANG, Qian XIANG 

Soil Pollution and Biological Response Group 

Prof. Yuan GE (PI): 

Mechanisms underlying the strcutural and functional evolution of soilmicrobial communities in response to disturbance; Transformationprocesses and degradation mechanisms of soil pollutants mediatedby soil microorganisms. 

Ph.D student: Zhi-Bo ZHAO,Yao-Qin SUN 

Master student: Yan LI 

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