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Graduate Education

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences, formerly the Institute of Environmental Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences founded in 1975, is the first comprehensive research institution engaged in research on eco-environmental science and technology in China. In 1986, authorized by the State Science and Technology Commission and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), it was amalgamated with Research Center of Ecology of CAS and was reorganized into Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter abbreviated to RCEES). In June 1999, it became a part of the Pilot Project of Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS.

Being one of the key educational base for graduate students in CAS, RCEES offers M.Sc program in environmental sciences, ecology, environmental engineering, environmental economics and environmental management, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and population, resource & environmental economics; Ph.D program in environmental sciences, environmental engineering, ecology, and environmental economics and environmental management; and provides postdoctoral program in environmental sciences and technology and biology.

RCEES has 61 doctoral supervisor tutors and 67 master tutors. The institute recruits about 105 PhD students and 70 Master students each year. Since 1978, RCEES has admitted 1588 graduate students including 930 PhD students and 658 MA students. Till now, 524 postgraduate students have received their doctorate degrees, and 346 have obtained master degrees.

Since 1990, many students received numerous honors and awards such as three National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation award, two CAS President's Outstanding Performance award, six CAS Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation award and 159 CAS President's Excellent Performance award and other awards.

For details for requirements and admission procedure as well as financial aids applications, please visit the website of Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS).


Tel: 8610-62849161

Email: student@rcees.ac.cn

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