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Governmental Department 

Ministry of Environmental Protection 

Ministry of Science and Technology  

S & T Organizations 

Chinese Academy of Sciences 

National Natural Science Foundation of China 

China Association for Science and Technology 

Domestic Universities 

University of Science and Technology of China 

Peking University 

Tsinghua University 

Beijing Normal University 

Environmental and Ecology Database  

Database for Ecosystems and Ecosystem Service Zoning in China 

Data Center for Resources and Environmental Sciences, CAS 

Related Foreign Scientific Organizations 

National Academy of Sciences 

U.S. Department of Energy 

U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 

National Energy Technology Laboratory 

American Chemical Society 

National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Brookhaven National Laboratory 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve  

Max-Planck Society  

MPI for Biogeochemistry 

MPI for Chemistry 

National Institute for Environmental Studies 


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