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Cambodian Delegation Visits RCEES[2016.06.20]
Mongolian Press Delegation Visits RCEES[2016.06.02]
TWAS Programme Coordinator Visits RCEES[2016.05.22]
Upcoming Events
·IWA 4th Symposium of Lake and Reservoir Management 2017 [2017.01.11]
·First Circular of INTECOL2017 Beijing [2016.11.02]
·04.11: Forum on Environment and Ecology: Filtration Solutions to Mitigat... [2016.04.06]
·International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure-ICSI 2016 [2016.03.07]
·2016 Water and Sanitation Training Program [2016.02.05]
·The 6th IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition (20-24 September,2015) [2015.02.04]
·2014 Water and Sanitation Training Program [2014.07.12]
·2014 Water and Sanitation Training Course Notice [2014.07.12]
Join Us
·Job opportunities in 2017 (Chinse version) [2016.10.09]
·Directorship Recruitment for Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences (K... [2016.02.03]
·Job opportunities in 2016 (Chinse version) [2015.12.23]
·Position of Science Officer for the SCOPE Office in Beijing [2014.10.08]
·Job opportunities in 2015 (Chinse version) [2014.09.17]
·Wanted: Editor-in-chief, for Journal of Environmental Sciences [2014.06.12]
·Position of Science Officer for the SCOPE Office in Beijing [2014.05.30]
·Job opportunities in 2014 (Chinse version) [2013.12.23]
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