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Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment
Update time: 2011-06-05
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Laboratory  of Atmospheric Environment mainly focuses on the researches of local and regional air pollution in China and the related technologies for the pollution control. We also conduct the researches of the atmospheric trace gases which contribute the global change. The ongoing researches in our division are to understand the characteristic, the processes and the eco-environmental impacts, to find out the optimum approaches and technologies for the control of air pollution and atmospheric deposition. Our researches are also to increase the knowledge of trace gases, their sources and transformations in atmosphere.

The main research subjects in our division included as follows:

1.The impacts of acid deposition on terrestrial ecological system and the response to emissions control of air pollutants;

2. Atmospheric mercury and deposition in the regions of China;

3. The urban surface ozone and its response to the precursors;

4. Heath risk analysis of indoor air pollution;

5. Fundamental research on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx;

6. Applied research on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx;

7. Catalytic cleaning and sterilization of indoor air at room temperature;

8. Motor vehicle emission control technology;

9. The trace gases sources and the homogeneous/heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry;

10. Development of organic aerosol mass spectrometry and atmospheric aerosol chemistry research.

The department at present has four research groups:

1. Group of air pollution and atmospheric chemistry

2. Group of Environmental catalysis and green chemistry

3. Group of Aerosol Chemistry

Lab Director


ZHANG Xiaoshan



Deputy director

HE Hong



Research Group


Group leader




Air pollution and atmospheric chemistry group

ZHANG Xiaoshan



1.Acid subsidence influence and control countermeasures

2.Atmospheric particulate pollution characters and chemical behavior research

3.Indoor air pollution condition and exposure levels

Environmental catalysis and green chemistry group

HE Hong



1.Fundamental research on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx

2.Applied research on the catalytic cleaning of diesel exhaust

3. Catalytic cleaning and disinfection of indoor air at room temperature

4.Heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry and the mechanism of haze formation

 Aerosol chemistry group

SHU Jinian



1. The organic aerosol multiphase reaction

2. Biological aerosols mass spectrometry research

3.Aerosol testing instrument development


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