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Coming Seminar: Bulking and Foaming phenomena and microbial studies to define dysfunction control strategies
Update time: 2012-08-31
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Topic: Bulking and Foaming phenomena and microbial studies to define dysfunction control strategies

Lecturer: Prof. Valter Tandoi
      Italian National Research Council, Water Research Institute

Topic: Control of a geosmin-producing Cyanobacterium Anabaena circinalis using UV catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide: modeling cell rupture, and geosmin release and degradation

Lecturer: Prof. Tsair-Fuh Lin
      National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Time: 9:30am, Sept.3, 2012

Venue: RCEES Ecology Building, Room 508


Prof. Valter Tandoi

Ph.D, IWA Fellow 2012(The Award will be given in Busan (Korea) during the IWA Biennal Conference). Research Director of Water Research Institute, Italian National Research Council (CNR). Responsible of Scientific Secretary of “Environmental Biotechnology Section” of European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). Author of approx. 120 scientific papers, contribution for books, presentations at national and international Conferences, published in Italian and foreign journals in Biological systems.

Prof. Tsair-Fuh Lin

Professor Tsair-Fuh Lin has been affiliated with Department of Environmental Engineering (DEnvE) at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan (NCKU) since received his doctoral degree from University of California, Berkeley in 1995. Now he is a Distinguished Professor in DEnvE at NCKU. His research interest includes two areas, identification and treatment of algal metabolites in drinking water, and adsorption and novel treatment techniques for contaminated ground water.

Dr. Lin has received several teaching and research awards from various organizations, including University-Industry Cooperation Team Award (2007) from Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, Best Annual Paper Award (2005) from Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering, Taiwan, Best Annual Paper Award (2010) in Water Supply Quarterly from Taiwan Waterworks Association, and Excellent Teacher Awards (2007, 2009, and 2011) from NCKU. In 2011, He was elected as Fellow of Academy of Educators, NCKU.

Dr. Lin is actively involved in several national and international professional societies. He is now Secretary of the Specialist Group in Off-Flavours in the Aquatic Environment, IWA (International Water Association) (2012-2013), Secretary of the Specialist Group in Lake and Reservoir Management, IWA (2009-2012), and Executive Director of the Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering in Taiwan (2011-2012). 

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