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Coming Seminar: Environmental Transformation of Contaminants of Emerging Concer
Update time: 2011-09-21
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Topic: Environmental Transformation of Contaminants of Emerging Concer

Lecturer: Dr. Ching-Hua Huang

Time: 2:00pm, 27 Sept. 2011

Place: Room 423 of Environmental Technology Building

The main content of topic:

Research has clearly indicated the occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in various aquatic systems including sediments, wastewaters, surface waters and even in drinking waters. These contaminants include a broad range of chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products and nitrogenous disinfection by-products. Our research group has devoted significant efforts to investigate the environmental transformation of emerging contaminants in order to establish a better knowledge for their environmental fate and potential implications.

Briefly introduction of Lecturer:

Dr. Ching-Hua Huang is an Associate Professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Huang received her Ph.D. degrees in environmental engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Huang's research and teaching interests are in the area of environmental chemistry, advanced analytical chemistry, contaminant transformation kinetics and mechanisms, innovative water/wastewater treatment technology, and sustainable water reuse. Dr. Huang has more than fifteen years of research experience on emerging contaminants such as endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals, nitrogenous disinfection by-products and nanomaterials in natural and engineered water systems.

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