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Spring Festival Forum for International Students Holds in RCEES
Update time: 2018-02-06
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On Jan. 31, Spring Festival Forum for International Students was held in the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy Sciences (CAS). A total of 13 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from 11 countries attended the event. 

Prof. Min Yang, deputy director of RCEES, introduced the Belt and Road Initiative of China and the progress of collaboration with some countries along the Belt and Road in tackling their major challenges in water and environment. Three joint labs will be established in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Iran, respectively. The construction of the China-Sri Lanka Joint Research Center for Water Technology will be started in 2018 under the framework of Chinese governmental aid. Prof. Yang inspired all international students to enjoy their academic study and living experience at RCEES. He also expressed hope that the international students could be the bridge for promoting bilateral cooperation between China and their home countries. Dr. Qing Cao, Director of the Graduate Education Department, encouraged the students to study hard because whether they return to their home countries or decide to continue working in China after their study; the skills and successes they gain now will help them long into the future.  

The international students showed strong interest in the Belt and Road initiative and asked a lot of questions on how to initiate the cooperation between China and their home countries. Vincent Martin from Rwanda, has played a key role in connecting RCEES and the Rwandan Embassy, said that he would do his best to continue promoting bilateral cooperation. Dr. William Jefferson from the USA shared his experiences in assimilating into the Chinese society and encouraged the other international students not to overlook benefits from learning about Chinese language and culture. He said that China is an inclusive society with many opportunities available for international cooperation, both academic and non-academic.  

In recent years with the support of CAS-TWAS President Fellowship and other initiatives of CAS, RCEES has expanded the enrollment of international graduate education in order to make contributions to other developing countries in talent cultivation and the promotion of science and technology. The on-going cooperation projects with Sri Lanka and Cambodia were originally initiated by trainees Sujithra K. Weragoda and Monita Chhun from the Water and Sanitation Training Program. So it is expected that previous and future trainees and international students will play an important role in connecting China with their home countries. Since 2015, Spring Festival Forum has been the annual event for the International Students in RCEES to tell their stories in China and share their successful experiences with each other. 

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment 

February 5, 2018 

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