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Announcement the 5th (2011) ORGANO (Water & Environment)Scholarship Application
Update time: 2011-04-18
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The 5th (2011) ORGANO (Water and Environment) Scholarship is opened and calls for application. The goal of this scholarship is to award the prominent graduate students who engage in the sciences and technologies research or implementation related to water quality and water environment.

All graduate students with the major of water environment protection and water treatment from universities, research institutes, are eligible for application.

The award will cover the following main research areas: wastewater treatment and reuse, safety drinking water supply, water quality analysis and assessment, natural water body and ground water remediation, and other water related science and technologies.

In terms of the categories of fundamental research and technology application, the award will include two first-class winners, ten second-class winners and twenty third-class winners, respectively. Applicants should download the forms at http://www.rcees.cas.cn/xzq/rsjjc/ and complete the forms in Chinese and English separately.

All the supporting documents should be sent to the office of ORGANO Scholarship directly. The preliminary results will be judged by the panel. Eventually, the top twelve applicants will be invited and present in the final round. The first-class and second-class winners will be picked out afterwards.

The final panel round will be carried out in Suzhou on July 8th (Friday), the venue and agenda will be noted at some other time. ORGANO corporation will cover the fees of travel and accommodation of this meeting.

All applicants must submit all the application forms, supporting documents to the following address before May 20th 2011. Please also send the electric copies of the forms and documents to the email address: organowaterprize@rcees.ac.cn

Office of ORGANO Scholarship

Room 317, Environ-Tech Building, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

No.18, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

P.C.: 100085

Secretariat: Mr. Liu  Tel: 010-6284-9136

Office of ORGANO Scholarship

April 4th , 2011

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