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Special Research Assistant (Postdoc) Positions Available at Site Soil Pollution Remediation Research Group
Update time: 2022-12-09
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The Research Group of Site Soil Pollution Remediation in the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES) is looking for 2~3 Special Research Assistants(postdocs). Potential research topics include: development of thermal remediation and coupled chemical oxidation, bioremediation technologies, model simulation for site contamination, demonstration and validation of novel technologies. These studies are supported by National Key Research and Development Projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Instrumentation Research and Development Special Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University-Industry Collaboration Project. Candidates with excellent research backgrounds can apply the "Shuangqing Program" of the RCEES. 

1. Qualifications: 

(1) The candidate should have obtained a doctoral degree no more than 3 years ago or have defended their doctoral dissertation and are about to obtain a doctoral degree, are under 35 years of age, and are in good physical and mental health. 

(2) Possess the capabilities to conduct research independently, highly motivated and have a team-spirit. Can draft scientific reports fluently in Chinese and English. Published at least 3 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.  

(3) Preferences will be given to candidates who has research backgrounds in environmental microbiology, model simulation, chemical oxidation, thermal engineering, environmental science and technology and related research areas Special preferences will be given to those who have soil remediation research backgrounds. 

2. Salaries and Benefits  

Salaries and other benefits are in accordance with the relevant national post-doctoral regulations and the relevant regulations of the RCEES. 

3. Application Process 

(1) Send the resume, 2~3 published papers and other materials that can reflect the research capabilities via email. 

(2) Those who have passed the preliminary selection will be informed, and should provide two reference letters (one of which must be provided by the applicant's PhD supervisor) and scanned copies of academic and degree certificates. . 

(3) Suitable candidates will be interviewed. 

(4) Those who pass the interview will undergo a medical examination at the designated hospital, and those who pass the medical examination will be able to apply for admission to the post-doctoral station in accordance with the procedures of the RCEES.  

4. Contact Information. 

Please contact Prof. Wentao Jiao, who is going to be the supervisor of the successful candidates at wtjiao@rcees.ac.cn. 

5. Special Research Assistant (Postdoc) related questions 

Please contact Ms. Lei Wang: 

Email: wanglei@rcees.ac.cn 

Phone: 010-62849520  

Address: No. 18, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100085 

Successful Special Research Assistant (full-time required) applicant can start immediately. This recruitment notice is valid on a permanent basis. 

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