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Update time: 2009-07-12
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INFOTERRA is the global environmental information exchange network of the United Nations Environment Programme. The network operates through a system of government-designated national focal points which at present number 177. An INFOTERRA national focal point is essentially a national environmental information centre usually located in the ministry or agency responsible for environmental protection. The primary function of each centre is to provide a national environmental information service.

At the national level, INFOTERRA focal points provide a wide range of environmental information products and services including environmental bibliographies; directories of sources of information; query-response services; environmental awareness leaflets; and access to Internet services.

Main UNEP-Infoterra information service

● Atmosphere

● Environmental Administration


● Human Settlement

● Terrestrial Ecosystem

● Energy

● Environmental Chemistry

● Pollution

● Fresh Water

● Human Health

● Ocean Environment

● Disaster

● Monitoring

●Environment Law


● Environmental Awareness

● Industry

● Theme Subject




UNEP-Infoterra Chinese focal point

P.O Box 2871, Beijing

AddressShuangqing Road 18, Haidian District, Beijing China

Post Code100085




Literature Collection:

1The World Health Organization (WHO)environment health standard

2WHO International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), Health and Safety Guide Series

3Relevant Literature


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