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ZHU Yongguan
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Zip Code  

Education and Appointments:

Yongguan (Y-G) Zhu, PhD (London)

Professor of Soil Environmental Sciences, Environmental Biology

Contact details:

Research Centre for Eco-environmental Sciences

and Institute of Urban Environment

Chinese Academy of Sciences

18 Shuangqing RD

PO Box 2871

Beijing 100085

P R China

Fax: +86 10 6292 3563

Email: ygzhu@rcees.ac.cn


Education and Qualification

July 1989: BSc., Zhejiang (Agricultural) University, Hangzhou, P. R. China.

July 1992: MSc., Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China.

June 1998: PhD, University of London (Imperial College), UK.

June 1998: Diploma of Imperial College (DIC), UK.

Current position and previous employment

October 2007-: Deputy Director, Institute of Urban Environment, CAS

January 2002-: Head, Department of Soil Environmental Science, Research Centre for Eco-environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (recruited through the “Outstanding Overseas Young Chinese” scheme);

June 1998-December 2001: Research fellow, Department of Soil and Water, The University of Adelaide;

March 1994-March 1995: Royal Society Research Fellow, Departments of Agricultural and Environmental Science, and Applied Plant Sciences, The Queen's University of Belfast, UK;

May 1992-March 1994: Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Plant Nutrition and Molecular Biology, the Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Research Interest:
Soil-plant interactions, rhizosphere, contaminant ecology, soil biology
Public Services:
Member, Standing Advisory Group of Nuclear Applications, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Associate Editor: Environmental Pollution Advisory Editorial Board: Trends in Plant Science Marschner Reviews Editor, Plant and Soil Advisor, New Phytologist Editorial board, Environment International

1. January 1994, Royal Fellowship Award from The Royal Society, London;

2. April 1998, Best presentation award and the postgraduate student of the year 1998 from the Institution of Nuclear Engineers, UK.

3. September 2003, Achievement award from the state government of China for overseas returnees;

4. July 2006, National Young Scientist Award;

5. April 2007, “Top Ten Youth”  of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

6. 2009, National Natural Science Award, 2nd class (1st accomplisher)

7. 2008, Beijing Science and Technology Award, 3dr class (1st accomplisher)

Selected Publications:
1. Cui, L.; Xin, Y.; Yang, K.; Li, H.; Tan, F.; Zhang, Y.; Li, X.; Zhu, Z.; Yang, J.; Kao, S.-J.; Ren, B.; Zhu, Y.-G.; Musat, F.; Musat, N. Live Tracking Metabolic Networks and Physiological Responses within Microbial Assemblages at Single-Cell Level. PNAS Nexus 2023, 2 (3), pgad006.
2. Xiao, K.-Q.; Zhao, Y.; Liang, C.; Zhao, M.; Moore, O. W.; Otero-Fari?a, A.; Zhu, Y.-G.; Johnson, K.; Peacock, C. L. Introducing the Soil Mineral Carbon Pump. Nat Rev Earth Environ 2023.
3. Zhu, D.; Ma, J.; Li, G.; Rillig, M. C.; Zhu, Y. G., Soil plastispheres as hotpots of antibiotic resistance genes and potential pathogens. The ISME journal 2022,16 (2), 521-532.
4. Chen, Q. L.; Hu, H. W.; Yan, Z. Z.; Zhu, Y. G.; He, J. Z.; Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Cross-biome antibiotic resistance decays after millions of years of soil development. The ISME Journal 2022, 1-4.
5. Gao, G. F.; Li, H.; Shi, Y.; Yang, T.; Gao, C. H.; Fan, K.; Zhang, Y.; Zhu, Y. G.; Delgado‐Baquerizo, M.; Hai‐Lei, Z., Continental‐scale plant invasions reshuffle the soil microbiome of blue carbon ecosystems. Global Change Biology 2022.
6. Su, X.; Yang, L.; Yang, K.; Tang, Y.; Wen, T.; Wang, Y.; Rillig, M. C.; Rohe, L.; Pan, J.; Li, H.; Zhu, Y. -G. Estuarine Plastisphere as an Overlooked Source of N2O Production. Nat Commun 2022, 13 (1), 3884.
7. Li, H.-Z.; Yang, K.; Liao, H.; Lassen, S. B.; Su, J.-Q.; Zhang, X.; Cui, L.; Zhu, Y.-G. Active Antibiotic Resistome in Soils Unraveled by Single-Cell Isotope Probing and Targeted Metagenomics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2022, 119 (40), e2201473119.
8. Liao, H.; Li, H.; Duan, C.-S.; Zhou, X.-Y.; Luo, Q.-P.; An, X.-L.; Zhu, Y.-G.; Su, J.-Q. Response of Soil Viral Communities to Land Use Changes. Nat Commun 2022, 13 (1), 6027. 
9. Yi, X.; Liang, J.-L.; Su, J.-Q.; Jia, P.; Lu, J.; Zheng, J.; Wang, Z.; Feng, S.; Luo, Z.; Ai, H.; Liao, B.; Shu, W.; Li, J.; Zhu, Y.-G. Globally Distributed Mining-Impacted Environments Are Underexplored Hotspots of Multidrug Resistance Genes. ISME J 2022, 16 (9), 2099–2113.
10. Zheng, X.; Jahn, M. T.; Sun, M.; Friman, V. P.; Balcazar, J. L.; Wang, J.; Shi, Y.; Gong, X.; Hu, F.; Zhu, Y. G., Organochlorine contamination enriches virus-encoded metabolism and pesticide degradation associated auxiliary genes in soil microbiomes. The ISME Journal 2022, 1-12.
11. Chen, Q. L.; Hu, H. W.; Zhu, D.; Zhu, Y. G.; He, J. Z., Calling for comprehensive explorations between soil invertebrates and arbuscular mycorrhizas. Trends in Plant Science 2022.
12. Chen, Q. L.; Hu, H. W.; He, Z. Y.; Cui, L.; Zhu, Y. G.; He, J. Z., Potential of indigenous crop microbiomes for sustainable agriculture. Nature Food 2021,2 (4), 233-240.
13. Chen, S. C.; Budhraja, R.; Adrian, L.; Calabrese, F.; Stryhanyuk, H.; Musat, N.; Richnow, H. H.; Duan, G. L.; Zhu, Y. G.; Musat, F., Novel clades of soil biphenyl degraders revealed by integrating isotope probing, multi-omics, and single-cell analyses. The ISME journal, 2021,15 (12), 3508-3521.
14. Wang, F.; Fu, Y. H.; Sheng, H. J.; Topp, E.; Jiang, X.; Zhu, Y. G.; Tiedje, J. M., Antibiotic resistance in the soil ecosystem: A One Health perspective. Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health 2021,20, 100230.
15. Chen, S. C.; Sun, G. X.; Yan, Y.; Konstantinidis, K. T.; Zhang, S. Y.; Deng, Y.; Li, X. M.; Cui, H. L.; Musat, F.; Popp, D.; Rosen, B. P.; Zhu, Y. G., The Great Oxidation Event expanded the genetic repertoire of arsenic metabolism and cycling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2020, 117 (19), 10414-10421.
16. Xu, Y.; Chan, F. K. S.; He, J.; Johnson, M.; Gibbins, C.; Kay, P.; Stanton, T.; Xu, Y.; Li, G.; Feng, M.; Paramor, O.; Yu, X.; Zhu, Y. G., A critical review of microplastic pollution in urban freshwater environments and legislative progress in China: Recommendations and insights. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 2020, 1-44.
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Supported Projects:

CAS Key program of knowledge innovation : (kzcx1-yw-06 ) “Development of technologies for environmental pollution control and demonstration in Beijing-Tianjin region”, total award amount: RMB 5,600,000, start date 01/01/2007, end date 12/31/2010,

The Ministry of Science and Technology 973 Program: (2007CB407300) “Formation, ecotoxicological effect and remediation of combined pollution in Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Bay Region.” total award amount : RMB1,000,000, start date: 2007-05-01,  end date: 2011-08-31

NSFC Key international cooperation program: (20720102042) “Studies on the mechanisms of the interactions between persistent toxic substances at soil/plant root interfaces”, total award amount: RMB1,000,000, start date 01/01/2008, end date 12/31/2010,

BBSRC: (BB/F004184/1) “ Characterizing genetic & soil induced variation in arsenic uptake, translocation & metabolism in rice to facilitate mitigation of arsenic contamination in Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa”. total award amount :£23,000, start date 01/01/2008, end date 12/31/2010,

NSFC Program: (40671102) “Microbiological processes in iron plaque formation on the rice root surface and mechanisms involved”, total award amount: RMB 450,000, start date 01/01/2007, end date 12/31/2009,

EPFL DDC Program “Relevance of arsenic complexed with organic matter in Chinese groundwater” total award amount: CHF 154,900, start date 2009, end date 2012,

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