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Brief Introduction

Ecological Society of China (ESC), founded in December 1979, is a national and non-profit academic organization. It is affiliated to Chinese Association for Science and Technology and one of the most important social forces to promote ecological research and practices of China.

Undergoing over 30 years, ESC now is one of the first-grade national societies with more than 7,800 members, more than eight group members, 18 special committees, and five working committees. Seven outstanding ecologists, Academician MA Shijun, Academician SUN Ruyong, Prof. CHEN Changdu, Prof. WANG Zuwang, Academician LI Wenhua and Prof. WANG Rusong, Prof. LIU Shirong were elected as presidents of ESC in succession. In 1984, ESC joined the international Society of Ecology.


(1) To hold broad ecologists together and follow out the basic line of society and the policy of “letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend”;

(2) To advocate dialectical materialism and stick to the scientism and fine style of study of “seeking truth form facts”;

(3) To stand by the National Constitution, laws, rules and policies and promote the high morality of socialism;

(4) To sparkplug the spirits of “self-devotion, innovation, being realistic and cooperation”, flourish ecological sciences, promote the ecological construction, wake up of the public ecological awareness so as to give the positive contributions to sustainable development and the construction of socialistic matter civilization and sprit civilization.

Main Tasks

(1) To carry out national and international academic activities and promote the development of ecology.

(2) To popular ecological knowledge, spread ecological thoughts and ecological techniques.

(3) To compile, publish and issue ecological books and journals and relative video materials.

(4) To organize broad ecologists to participate scientific decision-making of some policies and legislations of national ecological construction.

(5) To demonstrate and consult scientifically the key decision-making of national economic construction.

(6) To improve international ecological collaboration in folk level.

(7) To determine the qualification of membership and expand the training and education for membership and technicians in ecological field.

(8) To conduct some service activities for membership.

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