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“Hundred Talents Program of CAS” Positions in Environmental Nano-materials Research at RCEES
Update time: 2013-04-16
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Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (RCEES, CAS) was founded in 1975. It is a comprehensive research institute that performs a wide scope of basic and applied research in the field of environmental science, environmental engineering and system ecology. We plan to recruit three highly motivated senior academic with experiences of project and management as "Hundred Talents Program professors" in environmental Nano-materials, environmental engineering, catalytic materials. Overseas outstanding young scholars are encouraged to apply.

1. Job descriptions

Position 1, Nano-materials and environmental chemistry.

Position 2, Nano-technology and environmental engineering.

Position 3, Catalytic-materials and chemical engineering.

Successful candidates are expected to make further expansion of our research and to build up research groups and teams of ‘Nano-materials and environmental chemistry’, ‘Nano-technology and environmental engineering’ and ‘Catalytic-materials and chemical engineering’, respectively. Innovative and high-level research activities need to be carried out according to national requirements in China and international advanced research directions.

2. Qualifications

The candidates need to meet the following requirements:

1. Candidates should be citizens of the People's Republic of China or foreign scholars who are willing to come to China and abandon those foreign nationalities. Good health is essential.

2. Candidates should have more than four consecutive years (including 4 years) research experiences oversea after receiving doctor degree and be younger than 40 years old.

3. Candidates need to have background on Nano-materials, environmental science, environmental engineering, Nano-technology and heterogeneous catalysis, have the experiences of taking charge of one or several projects independently or acting as one of key members of a whole project and making remarkable progress and contribution, and meet the professor requirements of RCEES, CAS. As potential academic leaders, they need to have at least 6 papers published in influential international journals (first or corresponding author) or master key technologies and possess significant invention patents (the first responsibility) after graduation.

4. Candidates are required to be of great leaning and scholarship with influence in disciplinary fields and established achievements universally acknowledged in both national and international scientific research areas. They need to have the potential of being academic leaders and specialists with advance professional levels and have the abilities to guide the direction of their research fields and make innovation achievements.

5. Candidates are wished to possess a good sense of teaching and research moral and conduct. Integrity, sincerity, enthusiasm, good team spirits, dedication to research and strong communication skills in international cooperation are essential.

3. Treatment

1. Successful candidates will be employed as professors.

2. RCEES will offer research start-up grants to successful candidates (around 0.7 million). The “Excellent professors of CAS” will receive research funds of” Hundred Talents” of CAS (2.0 million) and specific funds for house subsidies.

3. According to the RCEES treat policy standards, the talents will benefit treat like salaries, welfares, and medical treatments etc. Those candidates won the “Hundred Talents” will receive 2000 RMB per month in the following three years. (Sources from specific funds of “Hundred Talents” in CAS).

4. RCEES will offer basic offices and laboratories environments.

5. Successful candidates will be the supervisor of postgraduate students and can cultivate PhD and master students. According to relevant policies, supervisor subsidy will be paid.

4. Required materials
1.Complete the “Recruitment Application Form of Hundred Talents Program Professors” (Please download from the webs of the Department of HR and Education of RCEES)

2. CV (previous experiences of education and research, contact information etc)

3. Certificate of current position in universities or research institutes, and copy of graduation certificate of doctor degree.

4. Transcripts since college with a list of research projects, publications and awards in the past five years (as the first and corresponding author). Catalog of published papers, patents and monograph (Proven papers included and cited by SCI Documentary Database).

5.At least two letters of recommendation

6. Other supported materials.

We sincerely invite talents to join us.

5. Contact:

Department of Environmental Nano-materials and Technology

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shuangqing Road 18, Haidian District, Beijing, 100085, People’s Republic of China

Contact: Professor Zhengping Hao

Tel: 86-10-62923564


More details please visit www.rcees.ac.cn

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