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Post-doctor Fellow

RCEES is allowed the establishment of Environmental Science and Engineering post-doctoral research station, biology post-doctoral research station and ecology post-doctoral research station in 2003, 2007 and 2012, respectively. A total 518 post-doctors were recruited to RCEES. RCEES post-doctor education has trained large quantities of high-level personnel for society. At present, RCEES has 192 post-doctors, including 13 foreign fellows. 

To ensure training quality, RCEES has established a strict management and specialized organization with full-time staff. RCEES can provide fully furnished apartment for postdoctoral fellows at RCEES. Our goal is to supply a favorable condition to facilitate research and everyday life for postdoctoral fellows at RCEES.  


Tel 8610-62849161, 62923588 

E-mail: hmren@rcees.ac.cn 


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